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As our business grows, so does the list of the Dealers who now offer our product. We hope you will visit one of our Dealers to see if they have what you need. If not, please call us, and we will help you to determine which option will work better for you, backordering from one of our Dealers (if they stock what you need) or ordering directly from us. Please note that items ordered from us may take up to 8 weeks to run through production.

Our Dealers in the U.S. are listed alphabetically as follows. Click the link to be taken to their website or call their contact number to order direct. Our overseas and Candian dealers are listed after those dealers located in the U.S.

21st Century Shooting Inc.Click Here to order online or Order via phone: (260) 273-9909.
21st Century Shooting Inc. is our newest dealer. They are located in Uniondale, Indiana and offer various precision loading products.

Bruno Shooter's SupplyClick here to order online or Order Toll Free: 1-800-455-0350.
Lester Bruno is a Benchrest shooter, and shows up at many of the Benchrest matches stocked with whatever a shooter might need. He was our first Dealer, and began offering our product in February of 2005.

Midway USAClick here to order online or Order Toll Free: 1-800-243-3220.
Midway USA is our newest dealer. They added our product line in October of this year (2010). Besides offering the basic 3/8" ear spread on our Rear Bags, they are stocking our 3/4" ear spread and colors on both our Rear and Front Bags. They are also stocking our popular Gater Bag with a Right-hand Twist and Elbow Pads and Bolt Holsters in colors to match our Front and Rear Bags.

Sinclair InternationalClick here to order online or Order Toll Free: 1-800-717-8211.
Sinclair International - specializing in 'Products for the Precision Shooter' - began offering our products in January of 2008. Their trained, technical staff offers excellent customer service and help with their extensive line of product.

We would also like to mention that both Farley Mfg and JJ Industries offer our Front Bags as an option with the sale of their superior Front Rests.

Armeria Regina in Conegliano, Italy is a distributor of competition shooting equipment and accessories as well as firearms.

Armeria Cicognani SRL in Forli', Italy is our newest overseas supplier. We want to welcome them, and thank them for offering our fine product.

Ameria R & M is based in Codogno, Italy and offers a variety of products for various types of shooting sports.

Fox Firearms is our only dealer in the United Kingdom, based in Stockport, England. They are offering a fantastic selection of our products and will be adding on regularly.

GunsNZ Limited is our only dealer in New Zealand. They are our newest dealer and are beginning to stock a wide variety of Edgewood products.

Jarod's Precision, Inc. is based in Montfermeil, France - operated by David Schmitt - and offers a great selection of products for various types of shooting sports.

JDK Rifle Gear, based in the Netherlands, is run by Jim de Kort and offers a wide variety of products (including heavy sand for filling bags) for the Benchrest and F-Class shooter.

March Scopes UK is based in the U.K. and run by Gary Costello. They offer a fine selection of March Scopes and precision rifle accessories.

Armeria Regina is located in Italy and specializes in precision shooting equipment and components.

Target Equipment is located in Perth, Western Australia and is run by David Kerr. They are an excellent dealer and offer an array of precision shooting equipment.